Important Update: Changes to Facebook Insights Metrics and How We've Adapted

Important Update: Changes to Facebook Insights Metrics and How We've Adapted

Dima Botezatu
Dima Botezatu
05 Apr, 2024
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In March 2024, Facebook deprecated a few metrics of Insights API, impacting a wide range of metrics used by marketers and businesses to track their page performance. Among these changes, the deprecation of the "page_engaged_users" metric stands out as a critical update for everyone who relies on this data.

Yep, it’s a bummer, but hey, what’s a bootstrapped startup to do? We adapt, and keep on innovating!

🤔 What’s Going On?

In case you haven’t caught wind of it yet, Facebook is deprecating some of its Insights metrics. They’re aiming to streamline their offerings, making sure that businesses and creators like us get the best possible data to work with. Is that so? 🤔

We support improvements, but losing the "page_engaged_users" metric affected us.

🔧 How Mixpost Responded

For now, we've had to remove this metric due to the Facebook API returning errors, and we're committed to ensuring a smooth, error-free experience in our customer's production environment. Currently, the Facebook developer community hasn't provided an alternative.

  • Mixpost Pro v2.0.2 Update: We've updated our Pro package. Also, Enterprise customers can easily update since the Enterprise package includes all Pro features.
  • Mixpost Lite v1.5.1 Update: And for our Mixpost Lite users, we haven’t forgotten about you! Despite Facebook's changes, we've made updates so you still get important insights.

🔥 What Actions Should You Take?

You urgently need to update your Mixpost instance.

Mixpost Pro: Update to v2.0.2. (Enterprise customers can also update their instance).

Mixpost Lite: Update to v1.5.1

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