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Mixpost Features

From scheduling to publishing, Mixpost offers a suite of tools designed to streamline your social media management. Dive in and discover the power of Mixpost.


Mixpost's calendar helps streamline your work management by displaying and organizing posts on the calendar.

Post versions

Every social network is different, so your posts should be formatted differently.
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Post comments/thread

While writing your post, consider adding comments or threads to interact with your audience.
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Post Conditions

Automate follow-up comments on posts that perform well based on key metrics such as likes and engagement rate.

Post templates

Maximizing efficiency with reusable post templates.


Build the habit of creating content for your audience and make your posting times more natural and less robotic.

Hashtag groups

Enhance your social media strategy with organized hashtag groups.
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Best time to post

Post when your audience is active and listening.


Insert variable text into your posts at the time of publication by using dynamic and custom variables.

Media library

Quickly access and reuse recently used media files such as images, gifs, and videos. Support stock images from sources like Unsplash or gifs from Tenor.


Manage several brands, and businesses by organizing the social accounts, members, posts, and assets into dedicated spaces.


Manage operations in your language. Quickly switch between languages.

Buy once (a year)

Run Mixpost forever on the current release. Every purchase includes one year of updates.

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Additional Enterprise features

Mixpost Enterprise package is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to launch their own SaaS in hours and start making money from subscriptions.

Payment platforms

Allow your customers to pay for your plans using multiple payment platforms. By default, Stripe, Paddle, and Paystack are included and others can be purchased separately.

Price plans

Create as many price plans as you need. Each price plan is connected to a customer group and represents the gateway to the group entrance. It can have its own limits and permissions.

Orders management

Manage all your customer's orders in one place. You can even create orders manually for your customers.

Customers overview

View customer information such as subscriptions, posts, and uploaded media, all from an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.


Create coupons on your payment platform for your customers to use when subscribing to your plans. You can offer discounts either by a fixed amount or a percentage.


We don't do any assumptions related to the currency you will be using to charge your customers. Just add the one you will use and that's it.

Supported social platforms










Explore Our App: A Visual Journey

Dive into Screenshots Showcasing Key Features & User Interface
Image of the 'Analytics' dashboard in Mixpost, an open-source social media manager, displaying engagement and performance metrics across connected accounts.
View of the 'Monthly Calendar' scheduling feature in Mixpost, the self-hosted content planner, illustrating a user-friendly interface for managing posts over the month.
Monthly Calendar
Snapshot of the 'Weekly Calendar' view in Mixpost, an open-source scheduling tool, showing a detailed weekly agenda for social media post timing.
Weekly Calendar
Interface of the 'Compose Post' feature within Mixpost, a self-hosted social media platform, with options for drafting and customizing social media updates.
Compose Post
Image of the 'Posts' management screen in Mixpost, a self-hosted social media dashboard, where users can review and manage their published and scheduled content.
Posts overview
Capture of the 'Media Library' in Mixpost, showcasing the open-source platform's organization features for uploading and sorting multimedia content for social media posts.
Media Library
Screenshot of the 'Connect Accounts' feature in Mixpost, the self-hosted, open-source social media management tool, showing the interface for linking various social media platforms.
Connected Accounts
Screenshot of the 'Templates' section in Mixpost, demonstrating how users can utilize and customize pre-designed templates in this self-hosted social media tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Mixpost for free?
We have the Lite package, which is completely free and of course open-source and publicly available on Github. For more features, you have to buy a license for the Mixpost Pro or Mixpost Enterprise package.
What is the duration of the active license?
- Standard: 1 year
- Early Adopters: Forever
Will I receive future updates?
You will receive free updates for 1 year. After 1 year you can use the software but will not receive the updates. To obtain the updates you have to renew the license.
The early adopters will receive lifetime free updates.
Is the Early Adopter program still available?
Unfortunately no! The early adopter's program was active until the launch.
Which package is best for me, the Team, or Enterprise?
If you want to use Mixpost internally for you and your team, then the Pro package is the best fit.

Small guidance for the use case of the Pro package:
1. You buy a Pro package and host one instance.
2. Then, from Mixpost, you create (x) workspaces, and add (x) users.
3. On each workspace you attach a user from your team.
4. Then the user can use Mixpost on their workspace.

If you are looking to generate revenue from charging users monthly/yearly by managing price plans, and orders, limiting the features, user billing, and so on, better to buy the Enterprise package.
If I buy Enterprise, can I also install Mixpost Pro for internal use?
Yes! You can install Mixpost Pro with an Enterprise license.
Will I have access to the source code?
Yes! The source code is downloaded directly to your machine upon installation.
I'm allowed to modify the source code?
You are allowed to add new features to the source code and keep it solely for the use of your business. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to redistribute and sell the Mixpost source code (with your extra features).
Can I upgrade from Pro to Enterprise?
Yes! Please email ask@inovector.com and we will inform you of the following actions.
Is Mixpost platform secured?
Yes! Sensitive data like passwords, and third-party service credentials are encrypted using Bcrypt hashing. Also, it supports 2FA for user authentication.
Do you offer Mixpost installation services?
Yes! Please email ask@inovector.com and we will inform you of the following actions.
I still have a question that isn’t answered above
No worries. Please email ask@inovector.com and we’ll do our best to answer!

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