Mixpost features

Whether used as a standalone app or integrated into a Laravel project, Mixpost is ideal for bloggers, artisans, and entrepreneurs.


Mixpost's calendar helps streamline your work management by displaying and organizing posts on the calendar.

Post versions

Every social network is different, so your posts should be formatted differently.
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Post comments/thread

While writing your post, consider adding comments or threads to interact with your audience.
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Post Conditions

Automate follow-up comments on posts that perform well based on key metrics such as likes and engagement rate.

Post templates

Maximizing efficiency with reusable post templates.


Build the habit of creating content for your audience and make your posting times more natural and less robotic.

Hashtag groups

Enhance your social media strategy with organized hashtag groups.
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Best time to post

Post when your audience is active and listening.


Insert variable text into your posts at the time of publication by using dynamic and custom variables.

Media library

Quickly access and reuse recently used media files such as images, gifs, and videos. Support stock images from sources like Unsplash or gifs from Tenor.


Manage several brands, and businesses by organizing the social accounts, members, posts, and assets into dedicated spaces.

Buy once (a year)

Run Mixpost forever on the current release. Every purchase includes one year of updates.

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Additional Enterprise features

Our Enterprise package is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to launch their own SaaS in hours and start making money from subscriptions.

Payment platforms

Allow your customers to pay for your plans using multiple payment platforms. By default, Stripe and Paddle are included and others can be purchased separately.

Price plans

Create as many price plans as you need. Each price plan is connected to a customer group and represents the gateway to the group entrance. It can have its own limits and permissions.

Orders management

Manage all your customer's orders in one place. You can even create orders manually for your customers.

Customers overview

View customer information such as subscriptions, posts, and uploaded media, all from an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Promo codes

Create as many promo codes as you need for your customers. Discount by a fixed amount or just a percentage. Start and end date for availability. Usage times control.


We don't do any assumptions related to the currency you will be using to charge your customers. Just add the one you will use and that's it.

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Media Library

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